About The Author

Des Newton

When you read Sporting Travels of a Karoo Son you will find out plenty about me and my life; so how did the idea of writing a book come about? When I return from a tour my mind is always buzzing with stories and, apart from a few informal talks, I had never really passed them on.

I first met Alicia on the Ashes tour in Australia at the end of 2002; following that we subsequently met at many different events around the world and she started writing some things down. I began to agree that a book was possible and put aside a fair amount of time to make it happen. It then became apparent that, to understand why I see sporting events the way I do, it was necessary to write about where I had come from and the early part of my life. Therefore the book became three sections – the first about my early years growing up in South Africa, the second explaining some of my earlier tour guiding trips and the third following sporting events around the world and writing about them from the point of view of the spectators.

Sometimes it has felt like writing this book and getting it into print has been a story in itself. Since finishing it I have been on tour with the England cricket team to the West Indies for a second time and welcomed a group of rugby fans to South Africa to follow the British and Irish Lions tour against the Springboks. Maybe a follow up book will happen. I also plan to write about my own country in detail and recount some of the stories behind the much followed tourist route.

In the mean time, enjoy the journey of a Karoo Boy.


Alicia Hellier

Alicia was educated at Farnborough Hill and University of Birmingham (History / Sport and Recreation) and then did an MSc (Sociology of Sport). She has followed the England cricket team to various destinations around the world and after meeting Des on one such tour has worked with him to help him write down his stories and ultimately produce this book. She is based in Farnham, Surrey where she runs a tennis coaching business www.aliciahellier.com.



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