The young bare-footed boy looked across the plains of the Karoo to the distant mountains and wondered, with a burning passion, what lay beyond them. This is the story of his journey of discovery which he undertook with wide-eyed hope and optimism. He paints his canvas of emptiness with a delightful array of bright colours as he surpasses his wildest imaginings and ventures into the vastness of sub Saharan Africa and the world beyond.

With tales from his travels, interspersed with adventure and sport, laced with humour and interwoven with unintentional education, it chronicles this inquisitive boy's journey from his farm, to his escapades at boarding school and university, to tour guiding throughout the world, transporting the reader to each destination in turn and revealing the untold stories surrounding the action from a unique point of view.

“When you have finished reading this book, you will have smelt the rain, you will have witnessed an African sunset, with a total eclipse thrown in, and you will have visited some of the leading sporting venues in the world. Most of all, you will have enjoyed the journey.”     Robin Jackman